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Ceremony was a great way to show the men and women who served our country how appreciative we are.

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This reporting indicates that sites continue to expend resources and effort to document cadet placements.

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White explained that the young people are counseled not to give up but to push through the difficult parts.

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During our site visits, program administrators frequently acknowledged the difficulty of obtaining and verifying placement data from graduates and their mentors, and the further out after graduation, the more difficult it becomes.

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Most sites did not place cadets from the same family in the same platoon.

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Program logic models also serve as a blueprint for evaluating how effectively a program is meeting its expected goals.

Given the need to assign mentors to some cadets, sites typically had a pool of potential mentors.

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Often, mentors and cadets perform community service together or meet to discuss future school and career options.

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We include the logic model here, along with a brief discussion of its use to date in the project.

Let us know what you are doing, where you are, what goes on in your life, the good and the bad.

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Currently, most sites focus on collecting and reporting on metrics associated with the inputs, activities, and outputs.

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They must continue on their path of change in order to become successful.

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The first analytic effort focuses on developing benchmarks to facilitate comparison between youth population in a specific program with the average dropout, GED holder, or traditional high school graduate in the United States.

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The Koch Crime Institute conducts training, conferences, and seminars oncurrent and emerging topics within the criminal justice community.