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The CAA therefore does not violate the cherished principle of secularism.

Retrieval of a bid for purposes of modification or withdrawal shall be permitted prior to date and time of opening upon positive identification of a bona fide representative of the business.

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Retrieval of a proposal for purposes of modification or withdrawal shall be permitted prior to date and time of opening upon positive identification of a bona fide representative of the offeror who submitted the proposal.

Specifically, the potential environmental effects raised by the petitioner were unsupported by the record and too speculative to establish a potential to physically change the environment.

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New Decision: Hotel Condominiums: An Oxymoron?

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The jurisdiction may adopt its own criteria andincorporate them as an amendment to theappropriate section of the code.

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Unsold surplus computer and electronic equipment may be donated by the owninagency to law enforcement agencies if the agency policy so provides.

Seek legal assistance immediately for more information on how to respond to a payment or sworn statement requirement.


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Trump administration files third petition for writ of mandamus with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Test methods shall be as specifiedin this code or by other recognized test standards.

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