Wet Seal Return Policy Without Receipt



Currently have three big bags of clothes in my car waiting to return.

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Really it was not used and I had a receipt.

Covenant Not to Shop.

Later, I tried to use it.

  • Upload a photo to create a memorable gift.
  • To make the employees easily recognizable from the customers, a stricter dress code needs to be enforced.
  • Where is the Customer Service here?
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  • Will never shop at Walmart if this is how pretty they are becoming.Troubleshooting & Foreclosure

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ID I have my receipt I want my refund!Increase

Maybe I will avoid the store at all costs and shop in stores with products made in America.

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Although it is unlikely you will get any money back from the gift card, if there is money left after the other claims have been processed, there is a small possibility that you will be reimbursed.

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It said take merchandise to any Walmart and obtain refund. This item cannot be shipped to addresses within the province of Quebec.

If you make a large purchase and something is wrong with it and they refuse to honor it?

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We purchased a Christmas gift our grand daughter. That should be replaced free shipping address or exchange, this website told me to seal without receipt?

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When I gave the set to her, I also gave her the receipt so she could exchange or get in store credit if she wanted something else.

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The FCRA provides in part that portions of the credit card number may not be printed together with expiration dates on credit or debit card receipts given to customers.

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