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Generally, we recommend that school districts proceed with caution when considering whether to grant requests from Child Protective Services.

First term: Year and Term of First Enrollment must be SM or AU of that year, and if the first term comes from the SE, Rank in AU term must be FR or NU.

And the history of the exclusion of Negro children from white public schools is too well known and recent to require repeating here.

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All test centers, examinees and others should continue to check this HSE Announcements page for updated information.

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Please note that NCES has specific instructions for reporting programs that your institution offers but there were no degrees awarded this year.

The Court, in turn, rested its decision on Title VI.

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Reminding you of changes on IPEDS Race Categories: We Need To Hear From You!

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Title VI may require recipients who have not been guilty of any constitutional violations to depart from a policy of color blindness and to be cognizant of the impact of their actions upon racial minorities.

Department of Education and White House Guidance Regarding Sexual Assault in Schools.

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The only evidence in the record with respect to such underservice is a newspaper article.

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How much do UC regents get paid?

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New York is among 11 states that require students to pass an exit exam to graduate.

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Students are required to meet evaluation and grading procedures and a list of all.

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COVID-19 School district adopts new grading guidelines.

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We have excluded new CIP codes that do not reflect college level course work.

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Are NYC Students taking Regents?

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Combined, these projects had approximate contract values totaling over one billion dollars.

Assisting in the education of the Committee, the Treasurer and staff.

Assistance provided to staff in accomplishing their activities.

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