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One of the first measures enacted under the New Deal was the creae purpose of employing young men from unemployed and impoverished families on conservation related projects. Act by disavowing the intent to invalidate any interest that does comply with other Constitutional difficulties could arise, however, if the Act sought retroactively to confer blanket validity upon the fourth class of interests.

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TLC currently owns five nature preserves.

Abusing the rights one has under an easement is not a ground for extinguishing the easement.

Such a provision will seldom pose a concern for the original donor of the easement, who in all likelihood will be enthused at the garden they are so proud of.

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The Farmland Access Legal Toolkit is presented by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law School.

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As part of the commitment to the perpetual monitoring of the property, VLF typically asks for a modest endowment with each easement donated.

Instead, it created buffer zones around his private property, increasing both its value and his own privacy.

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