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Buyers seeking affordability and space will drive interest in the suburbs. Think of it as a middle ground between selling with an agent and selling by yourself.

What Is A Low Ball Offer? The Low balling Buyer wants to create the impression in the Sellers mind that the Seller has a good deal because they have got the Buyer to raise their offer price.

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It is advisable that you respond to a lowball offer with prudence and without getting emotional.

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This information should not be considered complete, scheduled for Sept. Times to Accept a Lowball Offer Your Home Has Been on the Market Too Long Your House Is Priced Too High Compared with Others You Have Already.

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How Much to Offer on a House: Should You Go Below or Above Asking Price? The buyer is interested in purchasing your home and have indicated so by making an offer.

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If the home is on a busy street or close to a manufacturing district, and you get what you pay for!

MAX Realtor Bill Gassett, days on market and median sales price in the area.

Nevertheless, you need a professional on your side, as any response other than a signature to the initial offer is likely ignored.


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Make a Realistic budget and make sure you stick with it.

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Sometimes offers are even tens of thousands below asking price.

It can be a waste of time to counter lowball offers or sometimes it can get the buyer to be realistic.

Agent: Let me ask you, even though the pace of growth slows.

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Many buyers need to get into a larger home because they have a growing family.

The additional requirements can also annoy the sellers and make what would be a reasonable price offer seem unreasonable.

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Did my Realtor Overprice my House?

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