Houdini Vertical Corkscrew Instructions

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You know the ones with the plastic corks that can get impossibly stuck in the neck of the bottle?

OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Removable Foil Cutter BlackSilver.

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Check the handles, the teeth, the replacement spiral worm and the foil cutter.

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The traveler should lock into the body of the opener when you push the lever ALL the way down Finally you lift the lever with the traveler locked causing the worm to turn and unscrew out of the cork Note that you have to have a bottle in place when you squeeze the grips to release the traveler.

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Wall mount corkscrews mount to a beam or wall for optimal stability and security when removing wine corks.

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Metrokane Bottle Openers & Corkscrews for sale eBay.

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What is Ripasso Wine?

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For RED HOUDINI CORKSCREW Vertical Wine Bottle Opener W Foil Cutter & Extra.

Faster than a speeding bunny.

The Vinturi lever model corkscrew was the most despised among the dinner guests for its delaying of the party.

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