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The handbook outlines the legal obligations of a candidate, explains the necessary qualifications for holding public office, identifies filing procedures for candidates, and summarizes candidate reporting requirements.


They bring a variety of backgrounds to their roles and we are honored at how they lead our district.

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Her daughters both attended Mills Middle formerly known as Fuller Elementary and Junior High, Daisy Bates Elementary and Mills University Studies High School.

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In addition to their board duties, state law requires Arkansas school board members to earn a minimum of six hours of professional development each year in areas related to their role and responsibilities.

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On behalf of the educators and students of this District, we wish to honor these five men for their devotion and care and concern for each student in the Monticello School District.

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Board meets the second Monday of each month and all meetings are open to the public.

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Focus board action on policymaking, goal setting, planning, and evaluation.

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Those students who are engaged members of the razorback community and comply with all responsibilities described herein are substantially more likely to achieve success.

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Medical Staff of Baxter Gen. Working with the students, parents, and members of the community, the staff of Bradford School District accepts the responsibility of offering a quality education that provides an academic challenge, promotes personal development, and generates productive, responsible citizens in a technological world.

The University further reserves the right to withdraw degrees, honors, or awards for actions that occurred before graduation.

Shelby Thomas grew up in the Sherwood area and is a proud graduate of PCSSD.

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