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My dog has a bark as loud as thunder.

The simile works because it uses something familiar and obvious to the reader.

Onomatopoeia is also a sound device where the words sound like their meaning or mimic sounds.

My grandfather is the funniest man in the whole world.

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Phrase is a group of words, without a subject and a verb, that functions in a sentence as one Appositive Phrases rename or describe a noun in a sentence.

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Donald the dalmation dog dug all day.

My holiday is never going to arrive.

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Usually, the comparison is made between an inanimate and animate object through which we can understand that the inanimate object is compared to an animate object.

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The boy choked to death eating a life saver.

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Because figurative language can create meanings that go beyond the literal, it can capture complex ideas, feelings, descriptions, or truths that cause readers to see things in a new way, or more closely mirror the complex reality of the world.

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You can use similes and metaphors to compare or describe things in an unusual way or you can use an idiom to say one thing but mean something else.

Figures of speech make up a huge portion of the English language, making it more creative, more expressive, and just more interesting!

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The world does not care to hear your sad stories.

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If seen from above the factory, the workers would have looked like clock parts.

Glad you enjoyed the materials!

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The car was a jet when it passed by us.

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This resource includes sentence structure activities, figurative language, and context clues.

Alternately, we can treat other species and objects as if they were people.

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Also, these would be great for literacy centers!

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Distinguish how an author establishes mood and meaning through word choice, figurative language and syntax.

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Examples sentences : Figurative examples of negative metonymy

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What Is an Epistolary Novel?

In the first sentence, the comparison is overt: the peacock is mentioned directly.

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The words appeared to leap off of the paper as she read the story.

Writers use figurative language to communicate their message as clearly and artfully as they can.

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Ogres are like onions.

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Readers will decode the words in the sentence and then click to reveal two picture answer choices.

The use of the personification of the creek as singing to itself makes the scene more alive for the readers.

Allie has a million pairs of shoes in her closet.

The wind was blowing the leaves around.

Role play the scenario and have the child use the idiom.

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Here are some of my favorite resources!

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What is a free verse poem definition?

When both partners have completed their lists they can use their nouns and verbs to write their own personification sentences.

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The sun played hide and seek with the clouds.

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