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The new lenders are a positive force for good and we should be welcoming them into the market together with the solutions they bring for people who have for many years been excluded from getting a mortgage.

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This is registered as an equitable charge meaning no consent is required from the first charge lender and are also available with an AVM, most bridging lenders offer a range of products, help is at hand.

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Our team members are great barometers when gauging the suitability of someone to fit into our culture.

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Having a Wellbeing Programme in place is vital to the success of any business since there is a definite connection between a supportive workplace and a happy employee.

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This does not mean filling roles for the sake of it but having the right people in the right roles and strategies in place to advance the skillset of people for those roles.

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There are also other factors that can lead to a client failing to achieve the rate for which they originally applied.

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Keith Barber, surveyor and legal partner, support and expert guidance.


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