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If the presenter is knowledgeable, perceptive, engaging, and motivating, then lecture can stimulate reflection, challenge the imagination, and develop curiosity and a sense of inquiry.

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The examples at the end of this handout illustrate these three levels.

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The EESI Elements: Science Content Student acquisition of the content of science requires opportunities to learn content standards in the context of a conceptual framework.

Lesson Plan Required Elements and Definitions Standards.

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Every lesson you teach should help you hit those requirements.

In addition, during groupmakes an error is never singled out. Excellent materials sit on shelves or are available online while teachers spend hours trying to design lessons instead of taking advantage of what already exists.

From debriefs that help students articulate what and how they learned so that they can connect it to past and future learning, to structures that help students track and own their progress toward learning goals.

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Pacing the lesson means balancing content delivery, practice time, and checks for student understanding.

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All students need the opportunity to think about and respond to all levels of questions.

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Explain that explicit instruction means teaching a skill very clearly and giving lots of feedback and opportunities to practice.

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The pacing of my lesson is intentional and engaging for students.

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Use multiple ways of getting student responses during practice to check for understanding.

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Ask students what they think the book is about.

Have you selected a variety of activities?

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Present the word and ask them to read it.

The teacher uses wording that is clear, consistent, and concise while involving the students to ask questions.

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Of course, there are lots of general criteria teachers use to evaluate their textbooks.

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Tips For Creating Incredible Memories When Traveling AnswersQuestioning is the heart of inquiry learning.

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What essential elements of instruction refers to plan.

Identify the objectives that you hope your students will achieve in the tasks that will engage them in the learning process.

By stating what the student will be able to after the lesson gives us a goal and target for each student.

See the bottom of this post for resources that will help with the planning.

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The structure is intended to provide a coherent message about science instruction to Washington teachers.

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Students have choice in materials and topics in order to meet learning outcomes.

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Give students clear timelines and task lists to help them manage their learning.

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Teacher must have all of lesson essential elements of instruction and supplemental materials.

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