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Side Saddle Putting was made famous by Sam Snead who suffered the yips before adopting this Face on putting style.

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So I thought that I would start a thread here talking about this awesome new putter company my buddy started!

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The mallet head and shaft bend work well for me because I like to see the putter moving more or less straight through impact immediately on either side of the ball.

Press Grips are available in four different models that allow our fitters to perfectly match golfers with the optimal amount of forward press, I can never get past the looks of these new oversized putters.

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Sounds like it could really help your putting.

There is only the slightest whisper of audio feedback on mishits.

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My short putting was a lot better than normal.

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This steel is nearly ubiquitous among boutique putter companies.

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The putter is the one club in my bag that tends to change multiple times in a season. Analysis Critical.

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My wife bought it as a bday gift!

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Golf help for the high handicapper!

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It is large and squatting, you have to make sure that the putter head is of the ideal size, I AM TRULY SURPRISED AT THE AMOUNT OF GREAT DESIGN WITH SO MANY VARIABLES FOR CUSTOMIZING.

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The Plain Truth about Skid and Roll When a ball is struck by a putter it does not immediately begin to roll.

The sound of a putter is strongly correlated with feel for me.

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