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Assess the adequacy of internal and external audit, quality assurance, loan review, and risk management in the collection area, including scope, frequency, timing, report content, and independence.


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Despite the paperwork hassles of filing a claim, this benefit works.

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For more information on PCCRs, refer to appendix J of this booklet.

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General urpose ards General purpose bank cards, including affinity and cobranded cardsare branded credit cards that are accepted by a wide variety of merchants and service providers.

Regular MIS reports for each collection program are an important aid in proper supervision.

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Multiple workout programs having different performance characteristics should be tracked separately.

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In conjunction with the examiner performing the profitability analysis, determine theprofitability for each product that offers a rebate and compare the results withtheprofitability of products that do not offer rebates.

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If there is any conflict between this document and the Policy, the Policy will govern in all cases.

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The very nature of the productan easily obtainable unsecured line of credit that is basically managed by the customermakes it an ideal mechanism for fraud.

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Payment of Claims: All payments to be made by the Insurer shall be paid to eligible cardholders in the Philippines and such payments shall be subject to the laws and regulations then in effect in the Philippines.

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Operational risk exists not only in account originations and servicing, but also in collections, whether or not bank uses external vendorsor attorneys in collection practices.

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Assurant Services Canada Inc. Losses resulting from fraud committed by someone other than the cardholdershould be charged to other noninterest expense.

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Assess the adequacy of the thirdparty relationshipmanagement policy, and determine whetheranalysis, documentation, and reporting requirements are clearly addressed.

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To illustrate, common industry practices, such as punitive and penalty pricing for defaults on accounts, areperceived as unfriendly to the consumer.

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Underwriting and Scoring Modelsaudit or internal loan review test compliance with underwriting standards?